What is Web Design?

Website Design

The definition of website design is fairly straightforward, but in reality it’s more complicated than you might think! What makes designing a website tricky is that it is not just an advertisement that will be used for a short time and then replaced. A website is basically your online business identity. As such, the design stage is very important. At Baumidesign, we work with our client until we understand their business, what they offer, and how they want to present themselves online. Only then do we start on the design phase of a project.

How do I choose a good design?

A good place to start is finding other websites – preferably in your industry – that you like the look of. Decide which features you want. You may even find there are more online possibilities than you imagined for your business! Once you know what you want included in your site and how you want to present yourself online, you can let us know, and we can design it for you!

Must I come see you personally?

It is not always necessary to have a face-to-face interview to get all the necessary details. But at Baumidesign we place a lot of importance on how your website will make visitors(potential customers) react. This is why we need to have a good understanding of what you want before we start on the design. If you are not sure what design you want, it is possible to create a wire frame (showing where the content and pictures will go, the functions of the site, etc). Then we can move on to developing your site while the rest of the design is being finalised.

How long will the design take?

Depending on the complexity of the project, it shouldn’t take long to get a rough design created. A redesign of an existing website can sometimes be more complicated though, as this may require reformatting of all the content contained in the site.

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