Why You Need A WordPress Website

WordPress is by far the most successful Content Management System(CMS) ever built, and this is party due to the fact that it is open source software. This means it has been and still is being constantly refined and improved by many highly skilled contributors. This CMS platform is also extremely sophisticated, with more and more features being added daily. That’s why a WordPress website provides the best in security, functionality, mobile-friendliness, speed and performance. They do all the hard work for you in keeping up with the fast moving trends of online industries.

So what’s a CMS?

It is basically online software that allows a person to build and edit a website in a more user-friendly environment. No more zero’s and one’s like the old days, now you can build a website just by pressing the right buttons. This process is now automated through the use of a CMS.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress websites are extremely user-friendly. This makes it possible for Baumidesign to train our clients to edit their website manually, without having to pay us to do it for them! Because we deal with mainly small businesses, we want our clients must be able to view and manage their own website if they want to.

Using WordPress enables us to provide the most up to date, secure and high quality websites available on the web. With the adaptability available in the WordPress world, there is nothing that isn’t possible using the WordPress platform!

But Isn’t WordPress Just a Free Website Builder?

No. Although this was the original purpose WordPress was designed, it very quickly evolved into a high performance CMS platform. Some of the world’s most high traffic sites are powered by WordPress. See below BBCAmerica.com, Exhibit A, StarWars.com, Exhibit B, SonyMusic.com, Exhibit C and Beyonce.com, Exhibit D. Must we go on?

Over 72.4 million websites in total are now utilising this amazing platform, why not give it a try for your business?

Talk to Baumidesign today about getting your own highly personalised WordPress website!

25% of all websites on the internet are now powered by WordPress.

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